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Omniyat Properties current CEO to step down

Dubai: Jobs – Processing - Part 2

Dubai:  Jobs – Processing - Part 2

Working in Dubai sounds like an adventure to many people. However, it requires thorough preparation, starting with a successful application.

The application letter
The letter should be typed and should explain why you are the right person for the job.
Mention your motivation for wanting to work for the specific company.
Send it together with the CV and a photograph.

Writing a CV
The key focus of your CV should be to persuade the employer to invite you for an interview. Therefore, your CV is a marketing tool, which should be adapted to the market in which you intend to use it. A CV in the UAE should be written in a chronological or functional order. Mention language skills and experience or knowledge of the Middle East. If you are not married, it is not wise to mention that you ‘only’ live together with a partner – it is not in compliance with the Muslim religion. Write a good CV, keeping it short. You can find a lot of tips on the net.

The Interview
To do well at the interview you will need to convince the interviewer that you are technically qualified to do the job. You will also need to show that you are sufficiently motivated to get the job done well and that you will fit in with the company's culture/organizational structure and the team in which you will work.

You should dress smartly for the interview and should leave home earlier than you need to on the day of the interview - you may be delayed by traffic or for other reasons. Be courteous to all employees of the company. At the interview itself you must be positive about yourself and your abilities - but do not waffle.

The Questions
If you cannot answer a question you might reply with "That's an interesting question - how would you tackle it?" Fantasy questions can be very difficult to answer. For example you might be asked: "What would you do if you won the National Lottery?" You should give the answer, which in your opinion will give you the best chance of getting the job.

1. Be unprepared for the interview.
2. Do poor/limp handshake.
3. Say unfavorable things about previous employers.
4. Fail to communicate clearly and effectively.
5. Be aggressive or acting in a superior way.
6. Make excuses for failings.

The silent language
When you are being interviewed it is very important that you give out the right signals. You should always look attentive - so do not slouch in your chair. Never lie to anyone in an interview, your body language and tone of voice or the words you use will probably give you away - classic body language give-aways include scratching your nose and not looking directly at the other person when you are speaking to them.

Management culture
The power of decision in the UAE lies with a small number of individuals from important ruling families. There is a national urge to negotiate in the UAE – don’t forget Arabs enjoy bargaining to the full! Don’t be surprised if you need several meetings before you can get to the point. Arabs don’t discuss business at the first encounter. Silence in a communication is not uncommon in the UAE. In the United Arab Emirates it is widely accepted to be late. Being able to remain tough but courteous will certainly gain you some points!

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