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Omniyat Properties current CEO to step down

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Tameer announces ground breaking of Platinum Towers

Baniyas Investments awards contract to Saunders Global

ARRA sets deadline for the developer’s registration

Omniyat Properties current CEO to step down

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Dubai: Jobs – Searching for the right one - Part 1

Dubai: Jobs – Searching for the right one - Part 1Getting jobs in Dubai, as in most other places, is neither particularly easy nor difficult. Yet, Dubai, the fastest growing city in the world, where more than 50% the world’s supply of cranes are at work, and where your income is not taxed, has its attractions.


Dubai: Jobs – Processing - Part 2

Dubai:  Jobs – Processing - Part 2Working in Dubai sounds like an adventure to many people. However, it requires thorough preparation, starting with a successful application.


Dubai: Jobs - Visa Formalities - Part 3

Dubai:  Jobs - Visa Formalities - Part 3For those coming to the UAE to search for a job, you will be entering the UAE on a visit visa and once you have found a job, you can transfer to a residence visa by either re-entering the country or else directly transferring it.


Dubai: Jobs - The legal aspects – Part 4

Dubai:  Jobs - The legal aspects – Part 4Be aware that there is an UAE law which aims to stop people from job-hopping. This law enables former employers to give an ex-employee a (minimum) six months ban from working in the United Arab Emirates if they resign from a job after only a short period.


Dubai: Transport

Dubai: TransportDubai’s location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa makes for easy accessibility. More than 80 airlines take advantage of Dubai’s open skies policy, making it one of the world’s busiest.


Dubai: A short history

Dubai: A short historyAlthough little is known about the ancient history of this area, archaeological finds suggest that humans have been living here since at least 3000 BC. Other evidence links the peoples of what are now the UAE and Oman to the mysterious Bronze Age Magan civilization.


Dubai: Visa Requirements & Procedures

Dubai: Visa Requirements & ProceduresThe procedures for getting a visa to enter the UAE are relatively simple and hassle-free and if all documents are in order, then the visa is issued within 72 hours. In urgent cases, visas are also issued within a day.


Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) 2007 - The UAE festival!

Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) 2007 - The UAE festival!Inspired by the theme One World, One Family, One Festival DSF is one of the most extravagant festivities in UAE when people from different corners of the world come to take a look at the this vibrant and lively event.


Tamweel Home Finance Products

Tamweel Home Finance ProductsTamweel offers a wide range of products and each one has been designed keeping individual needs in mind, especially the need for stability and peace of mind - as a result, Tamweel became the first home finance company in the UAE to offer both fixed and flexible rate financing.


All you need to know about Mashreqbank home finance

All you need to know about Mashreqbank home financeApart from providing the lowest down payments and most competitive interest rates, Mashreqbank is the only bank in the UAE that sends an experienced representative for consultation in the comfort of your own home or workplace.