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Tameer announces ground breaking of Platinum Towers

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Tameer announces ground breaking of Platinum Towers

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Downtown Jebel Ali

Properties in Downtown Jebel Ali

Downtown Jebel Ali

At the heart of Downtown Jebel Ali is a fundamental need for balance - between work and leisure, family and friends, familiar and new. This is why Downtown Jebel Ali offers such a rich diversity of urban space and experience. From intelligent high rises to meandering walkways lined with townhouses, from urban plazas to neighbourhood parks.

Everything in Downtown Jebel Ali has been designed with people in mind. Ingenious design protects people from the extreme heat and allows them to make full use of public spaces. A revolutionary new transport network delivers efficiency and choice, allowing people to walk in safety and comfort. Downtown Jebel Ali is committed to sustainability and making the right choices today for the generations to come tomorrow.

As important as the buildings within Downtown Jebel Ali will be the spaces between them. A network of plazas, arcades, parks and gardens will connect commercial, retail and residential areas, bringing people together as part of a genuine community.

Here you can take a close look at the three districts which will comprise Downtown Jebel Ali. The Urban Centres, the Trellis Districts and the Medina Districts will each have their own sense of purpose, atmosphere and style. Find out more about each one.

Bustling, energetic Urban Centres will be characterised by distinctive modern towers and grand covered spaces. These centres will represent the commercial and social hub of each zone. In addition to well designed office and residential spaces there will be a rich selection of cafes, restaurants and shops which will give each of the zones a distinct and vibrant character of its own. A combination of shaded arcades and ingenious architecture will create a comfortable, lively environment, day and night.

The Medina Districts will resonate with echoes of historic desert cities while offering every modern amenity. In these mainly mid and low rise residential neighbourhoods, small courtyards and plazas will be punctuated by cafes and local shops. Cars will be kept largely to the perimeter, allowing meandering cobblestone streets and walkways to create a more intimate, family-friendly environment. Compact neighbourhood parks will mark the entry to each Medina and provide yet another place for people to meet and socialise.

The Trellis Districts will extend out from the Urban Centres and mark a distinct change in tone and density. With a blend of smaller towers and mid-rise buildings, these districts will share a strong visual identity thanks to a unique network of trellises projecting from buildings to provide shaded, pedestrian-friendly environment. These shaded interior roads with their generous sidewalks and ground floor shops will be interspersed with beautiful urban plazas and parks. Plants and water features will offer a softer, more natural environment and experience.