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Baniyas Investments awards contract to Saunders Global

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Baniyas Investments awards contract to Saunders Global

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The World

The World

A journey. A saga. A legend. The World is today’s great development epic. An engineering odessy to create an island paradise of sea, sand and sky, a destination has arrived that allows investors to chart their own course and make the world their own.

An array of island parcels means an array of possibilites. Engineered to be flexible and designed to be unforgettable - a blank canvas in the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf. An incomparable destination, The World is a collection of private and commercial islands that form a singular expression of exclusivity. Located off the cast of Dubai and created by Nakheel, Dubai’s premier developer. The World is now poised to become Dubai’s exclusive island destination.

Island reclamation was completed on schedule in January 2008. Construction is now in progress on purchased islands.